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Badder Beats

May 30, 2019

On the eve of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors, contributor Mark Strotman joins the podcast with a bevy of prop bets and intel worth your time. 

How does Kevin Durant fit back in for the Warriors if he returns healthy? 

Can Kawhi Leonard do it – as in everything – again for the Raptors? 

Why so many questions? 

And in the big interview, Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow, co-authors of the lavishly praised and highly-worth-your-time “The Logic of Sports Betting” join Brant James for the first installment of a perspicacious interview. 



4:36 – Louisiana does not offer the lagniappe as the attempt to legalize sports betting this year crashes and sinks into the proverbial bayou. 

10:35 – Mark Strotman joins the show for some NBA Finals enlightenment. 

11:18 – What are some of the best Finals prop bets? 

13:44 – Does it matter if Kevin Durant comes back for the Warriors? 

13:50 – Mark Strotman, prefacing, goes Warriors in 6. 

14:44 – Draymond Green series MVP? 

15:45 – How long do the sportsbooks think the NBA Finals will last? 

17:26 – Are we shortchanging the Raptors? 

18:55 – Can Toronto be a value play? 

20:00 – The reasons we should probably not discount the Raptors? 

23:01 – Trying to talk ourselves out of Golden State. 

24:13 – The under might be the way to go in the NBA Finals. 

26:10 – The self-motivating Golden State Warriors. 

30:08 – Who scores more points in the Finals: Kawhi Leonard or Stef Curry? 

31:40 – Mark Strotman laments not being very good at math. 

32:00 – What if Kevin Durant ruins the soup? 

36:00 – The Warriors are built to compliment Steph Curry, says Mark Strotman. 

37:43 – Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow, co-authors of “The Logic of Sports Betting.” 

39:11 – In Part 1 of the Badder Beats interview with the co-authors, it’s Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow on why this book needed to be written. 

40:14 – Some biographical data on the authors. 

42:10 – Matthew Davidow on how playing poker has become a mainstream job. 

44:00 – This book won’t make you a professional bettor, but it will make you better. 

48:07 – The general public doesn’t understand how the sports betting industry works, but “The Logic of Sports Betting” will help them get it. 

50:24 – The break even percentage explained. 

53:50: On the market makers and the super nerds. 

59:12 – Odd Bet  

62:00 – On the Alpine Messi. 

63:01 – Tune in next week for Part 2 of Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow. 

64:12 – Breaking news from Pennsylvania: they’re testing the mobile product.