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Badder Beats

Sep 26, 2019

After two-time IndyCar champion Josef Newgarden scores the intro with his way-back prediction of glory, hosts Brant James and Ryan Butler are joined by South Point oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro and’s Dr. David Chao. 

Vaccaro has yarns about how the wagering public has changed, and who’s he’d handicap as the next president, if it was legal in the United States, of course. 

Chao pops in to discuss analyzing sports injuries and how his service could benefit bettors. 


Jimmy Vaccaro Timestamps 

3:44 – Vaccaro describes an outlandish parlay bet to underscore a new betting trend: no fear of huge lines. 

4:49 – Recreational bettors want to bet on teams, and don’t care about the numbers. 

6:30 – The spread of legal sports betting in new states will only increase this phenomenon, Vaccaro says. 

8:00 – What if you could bet on political elections in the United States? 

9:12 – Vaccaro: “The election would be bigger than anything we’ve ever done.” 

9:32 – Vaccaro handicaps the 2020 presidential election. 



Dr. David Chao Timestamps

28:30 – Introducing the Pro Football Doc. 

29:50 – Dr. Chao on his “distinct, built-in advantage.” 

30:49 – How in-play betting makes real-time injury information crucial. 

32:33 – Dr. Chao on average fans versus bettors. 



42 – Austrian hockey 

43: 00 Where is Namibia? In the Rugby World Cup.