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Badder Beats

Mar 19, 2019's Thom Cunningham, a tireless college basketball observer, joins Brant James and Ryan Butler to poke and prod their NCAA Tournament brackets before they go into the metaphorical (or perhaps literal?) shredder.

Knowledge flows forth.

There's also American Gaming Association president Bill Miller and senior vice president of public affairs Sara Slane via national teleconference on the state of sports betting before the traditional largest wagering market of the year in the United States.

Time Stamps:

7:09 - Cunningham: "Belmont passes the eye test."

7:30 - But no one knows where it is.

8:18 - Is Thom a bot?

15:08 - AGA's Sara Slane on her organization not being the "fun police."

16:04 - Slane on the "hypocricy" of the NCAA.

16:58 - Thom fills out your bracket.

25:50 - Thom says Tennessee is vulnerable.

28:50 - Thom on tourney upset watch.

35:32 - Thom on Virginia Tech and Florida State.

55:45 - After obligatory Zion Williamson talk, Brant, Ryan and Thom discuss the most interesting player you're not talking about - who very well may play Zion in the second round - as well as other teams/players and story lines you need to know

61:40 - Ryan unveils his surprise Final Four pick(s) - and Brant learns the difference between Billikens and Slender Man

66:45 - Brant and Ryan have a special March Madness edition of the #OddBet and Thom gives us way more information that we could have ever imagined about North Carolina Central. Now we're rooting NCC.


Links you need:

James: American Gaming Associations says $8.4 billion we be bet on NCAA Tourney

Cummings: How and where to watch the NCC Tournament

Cunningham: Biggest Tourney Spread Upsets Since 2000


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