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Badder Beats

Sep 12, 2019

As the Browns begin what seems like a long, inevitable slink back into misery, hosts Brant James and Ryan Butler debut their personal Super Contest, oddly, and sadly agreeing on some key games. 

What’s to make of that massive Patriots’ line? 

In the big interview, Tilman Fertitta owner of a lot of restaurants – one of which you’ve surely patronized – The Golden Nugget casino chain, the Houston Rockets and now an author (“Shut Up and Listen! Hard Business Truths That Will Help You Succeed) stops by for a chat. 


The Badder Beats Super Contest 

4:34 – Introducing the new game. 

5:15 – The Browns got Brown-y. 

9:00 – Twitter pushed around ESPN. 

10:40 – Ryan picks his NFL games of the week. 

17:34 – The Dolphins are being forced to play the Patriots. 

19:50 – Bills favored over the Giants is ridiculous. 


Tilman Fertitta Interview  


28:13 – How impactful will legal sports betting be in the future? 

28:30 – On the Golden Nugget being allowed to begin accepting bets on NBA games. 

29:28 – What advantages does he have as a pro sports team owner and casino owner. 


College Football Picks 

30:01 – It's a think week, but there are interesting games. 

33:30 – Interesting weekend in Colorado football. 

34:01 – Syracuse again a top of discussion. 



38:23 – NASCAR playoffs for Ryan. 

39:45 – Brant on the team left standing when the American League Wild Card music stops.